Aexalevi Convention 2016 - Speakers

Alicia Artusi

Blended Learning and Technology Integration

Blended learning and technology integration are different ways of using technology in second language teaching and learning. Broad-band connectivity, the popularity of mobile devices, the coming of Web 2.0 and digital games have changed the dynamics of the traditional class integrating technology and changing the role of the learner. Blended learning offers a different instructional design for learning, a new classroom structure, materials, classroom management and teacher and learners’ roles.. In this talk we’ll explore: ideas for integrating technology in the traditional face-to-face class; Blended learning models, What is the right blend?; classroom management challenges.


Alicia Artusi is a Teacher of English Language and Literature graduated at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, and holds a MAPDLE (MA in Professional Development in Language Learning) with NILE and the University of Chichester, U.K. She’s the co-author of Engage and ECCE Result, among other course book series, published by OUP, UK and Light Up Listening books published Richmond, Hong Kong. She has been involved with the British Council in several projects with the British Council since 2011 and she’s currently working with the British Council as Quality Manager Argentina for Plan Ceibal en Inglés.