Aexalevi Convention 2016 - Speakers

Luciana Fernández

Portfolios as High Quality Assessment Tools

Learning occurs when students are, “thinking, problem-solving, constructing, transforming, investigating, creating, analyzing, making choices, organizing, deciding, explaining, talking and communicating, sharing, representing, predicting, interpreting, assessing, reflecting, taking responsibility, exploring, asking, answering, recording, gaining new knowledge, and applying that knowledge to new situations.” (Cameron et al. 1998, p 6).

Effective learning can only take place when students are involved in the classroom assessment process, when they have actual possibilities to reflect upon their progress or lack of it. When engaged in the assessment process, students learn to think about their learning and how to self-assess.

The basic and simple definition of portfolios in the classroom is that they are long term documentation of students´mastery of content, skills and concepts worked on in class. A critical aspect of portfolios is that they can be used to get students to reflect on their own learning and progression.

In this session we will explore the importance of helping students become independent, self-directed, life-long learners who can reflect upon their learning and how portfolios can help students gain insight and make decisions and adjustments to improve their performance.


Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English who has been teaching English for the past twenty-one years. She has specialized in Methodology and Teaching Practice and she holds a Diploma in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. She is a Reading and Literacy expert and has been training teachers in this area for the past ten years. She is a teacher educator and has designed several presentations and courses for professional development both in Argentina and abroad. Her presentation at ARTESOL 2015 has been selected to be presented at TESOL International as a Best Affiliate Session. She is one of the 50 scholarship winners to attend and present at IATEFL, to be held in Birmingham in April 2016. She is a teacher educator and has been the Head at several bilingual IB institutions in Buenos Aires. At present she is a Learning Consultant and reader for National Geographic Cengage Learning. She is also a facilitator at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate), where she trains heads and teachers from the most important bilingual institutions in Argentina.