December 2017


Les presentamos la edición XXVII del AEXALEVI Forum Team, correspondiente al mes de Diciembre. Esta nueva versión electrónica está conformada por los siguientes contenidos:

Interview with Diana Ogando

Diana Ogando is the new Head at AEXALEVI. In this interview, we learn about her career and about her projects in her new position.

Stories from the Heart

Prof. María del Rosario Baigorria from Asociación Profesores de Inglés (API), San Nicolás, tells us about her experience teaching English in prison.

The Ubiquitous “It”

Trad. Gustavo Sevilla describes in detail the tricky “it”, and helps us to understand how it works and how we can explain its uses to our students.

It Worked for Me

Mg. Myrian Casamassima describes inspiring techniques and tasks that trainees at Teacher Training College I.E.S Lenguas Vivas “J.R. Fernández” have implemented in their classes.

Connected Learning: Engaging Young Learners

Prof. Florencia Insua reveals the challenges and benefits of Connected Learning.

Songs and their Literary Value

Prof. Paola Verando suggests how to deal with songs in an unconventional way and from a literary point of view.

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