Issue XXIX - September 2018


Les presentamos la edición XXIX del AEXALEVI Forum Team, correspondiente al mes de Septiembre 2018. Esta nueva versión electrónica está conformada por los siguientes contenidos:

Share Life Achievement Award for Liliana Luna

Congratulations Liliana Luna on such a wonderful achievement!

F for Final, T for Task

Myrian Casamassima describes a key concept for planning.

ESI and AEXALEVI Readers

Prof. Paola Verando puts forward plenty of ideas to deal with ESI in the English class.

Happy Teacher´s Day!

To celebrate this special occasion, we hear why some of our colleagues have decided to become teachers.

Guidelines for the Mindful

Teacher Florencia Insua introduces us into the world of Mindfulness for teachers.

Dictionaries, Those Somewhat Distant Friends

Gustavo Sevilla encourages us to use dictionaries often by highlighting the benefits of each type.

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